GUIDED TOUR – Family Road Trip

Thomas Traversa nadaljuje s serijo Guided tour, tokratna epizoda je namenjena družinskemu road tripu po Španiji in Portugalski (2017 in 2019).

Thomas Traversa “Let me take you on a little journey through time : first to Barcelona back in 2017, and to Portugal early 2019. This guided tour is about traveling in winter with my family, and the big step we made when we bought our own camper-van! In 2017 we went to Barcelona on a East-wind storm, together with Julien taboulet and his family, as well as our friend Fred who took us in his camper-van for that trip. a couple of years later we had our own camper-van, a second kid, and drove to Portugal for this first family trip for the four of us! I was lucky enough to score two amazing days on the water at Peniche, supertubos!”

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