DO WHAT YOU LOVE – Thomas Traversa

DO WHAT YOU LOVE #1 // Bretanija – Thomas Traversa

Sometimes, windsurfing is about the performance, but most of the time it is about having a good time with friends. Every trip is an adventure, this time Thomas did two little trips to visit his good friend Robin Goffinet in Brittany, and of course the plan was to sail the famous break of “Ile-aux-vaches”. Robin is a great windsurfer but also a passionate surfer who started shaping surfboards in 2003. He now builds some beautiful crafts under his label “ROBsurfboards”, all by himself and with a personal approach: he wants his boards to last, he likes to do everything by himself to keep his spiritual and financial freedom, he is not scared to try new things and his workshop opens only once a week so he can focus on his art instead of dealing with people. His talent and dedication made him an happy and successful shaper, who still finds time to windsurf when his homespots are on fire.

Thomas Traversa & family visit Brittany – l’ile aux Vaches

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