Dare The World – Hebridi

Leon Jamer je oktobra lani obiskal Zunanje Hebride (Lewis, otok
Lewis and Harris), na Škotskem, kjer je ujel tudi big day na spotu Bragar. Odličen video!

No traffic jams, no rush, no compromise, no other place – like the weather like the waves – Scottish rough. We’re talking about the Outer Hybrids in northwest Scotland. Almost every storm that moves across the Atlantic Ocean, moves or at least stretches along the chain of islands and pushes the surf to the rugged coast.
The spot Bragar – my brother Dani told me about – gets big up on the last day of my trip. The waves break in front of the bay, which reaches deep into the interior, and then line up again at the inner reef to clean lines. Although a storm rages and I can hardly keep the 3.7m, the wave remains clean. Leon Jamaer about his travel trip to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides in October 2018

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