Jason Polakow porajdal gore!

Jason Polakow je na Fijiju (Cloudbreak) ujel enega t.i. “velikih dni”, posnetke rajdanja XXL valov si poglejte spodaj. Celotno zgodbo pa lahko preberete TUKAJ – http://www.windsurf.co.uk/featured/jason-polakow-operation-cloudbreak/
in TUKAJ – http://www.redbull.com/en/stories/1331724875435/jp-chronicles-jason-polakow-cloudbreak-diary.

Jason Polakow: “I was lucky enough to score one of the best days I have had at Cloudbreak in Fiji, located in the South Pacific. My journey to get there was long as all direct flights were booked out and all the other sailors pulled out leaving me on a solo mission. I had to contend with many paddle surfers in the line up but just catching one of the bomb sets made it all worth while. I sailed alone for 5 hours sharing waves with surfers and having the time of my life.”

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  1. isto k mi, u lej jutr bo pihal v lignanu a gremo, jason pa: u lej jutr bo na Fiji-ju pihal, gremo? pa gre z avionom, avtom,đipom,čolnim,skuterjem,…. 🙂 drgac pa hud val, kaj nej recem.

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