Jason Polakow na Quatro/Goya

Novica leta kar se tiče prestopov je, da je Jason Polakow po novem v Quatro/Goya teamu. Jason, ki je med najbolj prepoznavnimi obrazi windsurfanja in velika legenda tega sporta, je sicer ustanovitelj znamke JP in je dolga leta vozil JP deske in NP jadra. 

Big news!!
Welcome to the team Jason Polakow!
“With a blend of emotions, I’m bidding farewell to my incredible 20-year journey with JP and Neil Pryde.
I’m thrilled to embark on a new adventure by joining forces with the remarkable teams at Goya and Quatro. It’s an exhilarating fresh start with one of the leading companies in the windsurfing world.
I’ve known the dedicated minds behind this business, and I’ve had the privilege of riding with the Quatro and Goya crew since the very beginning. They’ve been my windsurfing family, and I couldn’t be more excited to team up with them officially. Together, we’re gearing up to ride some epic waves this winter, armed with the absolute best equipment!”
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